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The Website of the Swiss Sociological Association offers various services to its members, such as the access to the forum and to the Swiss Journal of Sociology on line. If you are a member, please login and you will be taking part to a virtual community of sociologists.


The Swiss sociological Association support various research networks centered on specific sociological issues.

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• 3rd International ESS Conference:

Understanding key challenges for European societies in the 21st century

Amphimax, University of Lausanne, Switzerland: 13-15 July 2016

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Very important and urgent issue: Social Sciences and Humanities Future
Dear members of the SSA,
The ESA has launched a petition addressed to European Parliament, the Council and European Commission in order to ask for more support of Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe.
The petition can be signed here:
We need your help.







Add 30.05.2016

Call for Papers

Transdisziplinäres Doktoratsprogramm: Migration and Postcoloniality Meet Switzerland

Add 30.05.2016


Le bien-être, une richesse de la Suisse ?

Add 30.05.2016

LIVES Best paper Award 2016

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