Swiss Sociological Association

The SSA promotes

  • sociology in Switzerland. It supports research,  formation and diffusion of sociological knowledge.
  • relationships with the international (ISAESAAISLF) and national associations (AFSDGSÖGSBSA).
  • the activities of the thematic research networks (Conferences, Workshops, publications, issue networks). All members are cordially invited to join one.

The SSA highlights the publication of the sociological work and results

If you are not yet member, you could fill the registration formular.

Conferences organized by the SSA in 2017 with the sponsoring of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences

09.06.17 : “Sociology of migrations: pass, present and future” University Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland – School of Social Work, Geneva, Prof. Claudio Bolzmann
21-23.06.2017 : SSA Congress 2017 “Common Good and Self-interest”, University of Zurich, Prof. Jörg Rössel
29/30 September 2017 : 3rd International Conference on “Transitions in Youth, Young Adulthood and Beyond”, University of Bern, Prof. Ben Jann
24.11.2017: “Creative Economies : Potentials and Pitfalls of a Paradigm”, University of St-Gallen, Dr. Olivier Moeschler, UNIL-LACCUS

Report SSA-Evaluation

How to evaluate Research and Teaching in Sociology ?
Results of the Survey conducted with Members of Swiss Sociological Association (SSA)
Bozkurt Umur, Itir / Diaz-Bone, Rainer / Surdez, Muriel

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