— The Foko-KUKUSO celebrated its 10 years at the 2019 SSA Congress (September 10-12, Neuchâtel) with 3 workshops with 7 sessions! —

      Organizer(s) and Chair: Olivier Moeschler, University of Lausanne; Andrea Glauser, University of Lucerne; Michael Gautier, University of Bern
      Organizer(s) and Chair: Thibaut Menoux and Valérie Rolle, Université de Nantes
      Organizer(s) and Chair: Alexandre Camus, EPFL & Mines ParisTech ; Loïc Riom, Mines ParisTech

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The Research committee Sociology of Arts and Culture (RC-SAC), or “Foko-KUKUSO” Forschungskomitee Kunst- und Kultursoziologie in German (CR-SAC Comité de recherche Sociologie des arts et de la culture). was created in 2009.

The Foko-KUKUSO aims to build a national and international network of sociologists who work on objects such as cultural practices, artistic work, cultural industries and cultural policies.

The field of sociology of art and culture has internationally grown considerably in the last thirty years with the creation of research committees within the ISA , the ESA and the AISLF , as well as the renewed dynamism of the relevant sections within national sociology associations in Germany (Arbeitskreis Soziologie der Künste) and Austria . In Switzerland, the RC-SAC offers to all those working in this field – and in particular to our PhD candidates – the possibility to confront their results and to deepen theoretical and methodological questions that are specific to the sociology of art and culture.

It is time to strengthen the dialogue as well as to enable scientific communication in this field at a national level and beyond. By its situation at the heart of Europe and its multiple languages and scientific traditions, Switzerland can become an interesting interface between the various schools of thought in the field.

The Foko-KUKUSO counts now over 40 members in Switzerland as well as in France, Germany, Austria and Great-Britain.


2018 The Foko-KUKUSO was founded in 2009 in Geneva by several mostly young researchers around André Ducret to federate research and scientific debate in our discipline, in Switzerland and with the neighbouring countries. Today the committee counts more than 40 members in Switzerland, France, Germany, Great-Britain and Japan.
After last year’s organisation of a workshop with three sessions in June at the SSA-congress in Zurich “Common Good and Self Interest” on “Art collectives, collective art. Artistic Creation between Singularity and Common Good”, the edition of a special issue of the Swiss Journal of Sociology on “Art, Work and (De-)Regulation” (volume 43(2)), issued in July 2017, and the organisation of “Creative Economies. An International Paradigm in European Cities” with the Institute of Sociology of the University of St. Gallen, a one-day follow-up of the international congress “Arts and Markets” we had held at the end of 2016 at the same university, the Foko-KUKUSO again had several activities in 2018.
On November 9 the Foko-KUKUSO set up at the University of Lausanne a Journée d’études on “Emergence, Recognition and Consecration in the Performing Arts”. This event was the mid-term conference of the CR18 Sociologie de l’Art et de la Culture of the AISLF (Association internationale des sociologues de langue française); at the same time was the first colloquium to be organised by Marc Perrenoud and Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet (LACCUS Laboratoire culture, capitalisme et sociétés, University of Lausanne) in their new SNF-research project “Consecrating Talents: An Inquiry on Performing Arts”, which whom the Foko (Olivier Moeschler, Nuné Nikoghosyan) was glad to collaborate. After the introductory presentation by Laurent Fleury (University of Paris Diderot) on “Artistic consecration and cultural institutions: new configurations at the time of the imperative of recognition in the live arts”, Valérie Rolle (University of Nantes) made a radiography of the theatre scene of the French speaking part of Switzerland (“From the ‘independent’ to the ‘emerging’. Towards a celebration of the singular entrepreneurs of creation”), followed by Joël Laillier (University of Toulouse) who analysed the dance field (“How does one become a star of the Paris Opera? The springs of a charismatic domination”). In the afternoon Miriam Odoni (University of Neuchâtel & LAMECC) presented aspects of her doctoral thesis on classical music contests (“From the hope of consecration to humiliation: the staging of failure in international music competitions”) as well as did Nuné Nikoghosyan (University of Geneva) on a seldom studied object, the tribute bands : “Borrowed Celebrity or the sought recognition of tribute bands”. Gérard Mauger (CESSP-CNRS) closed the day with a conclusion. The Foko-KUKUSO warmly thanks Marc Perrenoud, Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet and the team of the LACCUS (UNIL) for the excellent collaboration in the organisation of this event and the SAHSS for its financial support.
Another activity which still kept us busy 2018 was the continuing work on the book that will result from the international congress “Arts and Markets” the Foko organised at the end of 2016 at UNISG. It will be published at Palgrave-Macmillan under the title “The Palgrave Handbook of the Sociology of Art and Markets” and its co-editors are Andrea Glauser, Patricia Holder, Thomas Mazzurana, Olivier Moeschler, Valérie Rolle and Franz Schultheis. 20 contributions, all written in or translated into English and authored by scholars from Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Great-Britain, Italy, Australia and Singapore are currently in the very final reviewing process. The publication is now scheduled for Spring 2019.

2017 The Research Committee Sociology of Arts and Culture (RC-SAC) organised a workshop at the Swiss Sociological Association (SSA) Congress 2017 “Common Good and Self Interest” under the auspices of Olivier Moeschler (UNIL), Valérie Rolle (SNSF and UNIL), Michael Gauthier (UNIBE) and Nuné Nikoghosyan (UNIGE) at the University of Zurich, 21-23 June 2017, on the theme “Art Collectives and Collective Art”. On November 24 2017 Olivier Moeschler (UNIL), Valérie Rolle (Université de Nantes), Andrea Glauser (UNILU) organized with Franz Schultheis, Thomas Mazzurana and Patricia Holder (UNISG) at the Institut für Soziologie of the University of St. Gallen an international workshop on “Creative Economies. An International Paradigm in European Cities“ with presentations by Ilja Van Damme (University of Antwerpen), Janet Merkel (City, University of London), Elsa Vivant (Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée) and Christoph Weckerle (ZHdK, Zürich) moderated by Dave O’Brien (University of Edinburgh), aided by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS).

2016 Four members of the committee – Andre Ducret (UNIGE), Andrea Glauser (UNILU), Olivier Moeschler (UNIL) and Valérie Rolle (London School of Economics and UNIL) – co-edited a special issue of the Swiss Journal of Sociology (SJS) on “Art, Work and (De-)Regulation” (Summer 2017). Olivier Moeschler with Andrea Glauser and Valérie Rolle co-organised in collaboration with Franz Schultheis, Patricia Holder and Thomas Mazzurana at the Institute for Sociology of the University of St. Gallen an international colloquy on “Arts & Markets. Alienation or Emancipation?” (November 17-18), with more than 25 scholars from Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Singapore and three keynotes by Ulf Wuggenig and Steffen Rudolph (Leuphana University of Lüneburg), Alain Quemin (University Paris-8) and Nathalie Moureau (University Paul-Valéry – Montpellier 3). This event took place at the Militärkantine ( and UNISG and got a grant from the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS).

2015 Several members were engaged in the organisation of the 2015 SSA-Congress at University of Lausanne on June 3-5 “Collective Dynamics, Social (De-)Regulations and Public Spheres”. Its President, Olivier Moeschler, was in the organising committee, and Valerie Rolle (UNIL), Marc Perrenoud (UNIL), André Ducret (UNIGE) and Olivier Moeschler (UNIL) set up four workshop sessions with a total of 12 presentations on “Artists between Deregulation and Self-regulation”. The RC-SAC also started to co-organise an international meeting on art markets with colleagues of the UNISG and a grant from the SAHS.

2014 The (expanded) proceedings of the international congress 2012 in Freiburg in Breisgau came out. Edited by Dagmar Danko, Florian Schumacher (both Freiburg in Breisgau) and Olivier Moeschler (University of Lausanne), the book “Kunst und Öffentlichkeit” (“Art in Public”), which includes several graphics and photographs, came out at Springer Verlag (Wiesbaden) in autumn (dated 2015). Several members were engaged in the organisation of the SSA-Congress in Lausanne.

2013 A plenary session and a workshop on the theme « From democratisation to integration? The arts and cultural policies in mutation» have been set on by the Foko-KUKUSO at the 2013 SSA Congress
on “Inequality and Integration in Times of Crises”, University of Berne, 26-28 June 2013, by André Ducret (UNIGE), Lisa Marx (UNIGE), Olivier Moeschler (UNIL), Miriam Odoni (UNIGE), Valérie Rolle (UNIL), and Natalie Schwarz (UNIL). In the plenary session Tasos Zembylas (University for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna), Hans-Peter Meier-Dallach (cultur prospectiv / World Drives Association and IB-Hochschule Berlin) and Olivier Moeschler (UNIL) made talks. The year was also dedicated to the editorial work on the proceedings of the Freiburg colloquium of 2012.

2012 Several members of the RC-SAC participated in the international congress of the AISLF, which takes place every 4 years and was held in Rabat (June 2012). A joint international colloquium has been organised in Freiburg-in-Breisgau with the German colleagues of the Arbeitskreis für Soziologie der Künste, by Dagmar Danko and Florian Schumacher (University of Freiburg in Breisgau) with André Ducret (University of Geneva) and Olivier Moeschler (University of Lausanne), totalising almost 20 presentations on the theme “Art in Public”. The publication of the proceedings was started (2014).

2011 The research committee met at the 10th ESA- Congress “Social Relations in Turbulent Times”. It organised joint sessions with the ESA RN n. 2 Sociology of the Arts on “artistic and cultural professions”. The proceedings of the Geneva 2009 plenary session and panels were edited at L’Harmattan: André Ducret, Olivier Moeschler (ed.), Nouveaux regards sur les pratiques culturelles (2011).

2010 The RC-SAC has held its second scientific meeting, which took place by the end of May 2010 at the University of Bern, under the responsibility of Andrea Glauser and Olivier Moeschler, to discuss ongoing projects. The editing of the proceedings of the 2009 SSA congress were continued.

2009 The research committee held its first scientific meeting at the SSA Congress – Geneva, 7-9 September 2009 – where André Ducret and Olivier Moeschler organised a plenary session on “Cultural practices and audiences’ identity”, followed by two panels, both entitled “Sociological analysis of ‘cultural practices’: collective constraints, individual rationale and transformations in lifestyle”. The proceedings were edited 2011.

More details on these activities can be found in the annual reports of the committee.

These activities benefit from selective and welcome aids from the SSA. The committee is entitled, if it decides to do so, to ask for an annual fee or for other types of financial contributions by its members.


Follow the Foko-KUKUSO now also on Twitter!
Our research committee now has its own Twitter account, with the username @foko_kukuso (, in order to facilitate the spreading of information, announcements, calls, and other news in sociology of arts and culture, or related fields, from Switzerland and elsewhere. Should you have any messages to distribute on the network, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Twitter, or by email (!

Founding members

As of the 15th of May, 2009, the founder members of the RC- SAC were:

  • André DUCRET, Nadia CAPUZZO DERKOVIC, Magali DUBEY, Miriam ODONI, Département de sociologie, University of Geneva
  • Andrea GLAUSER, Institut für Soziologie, University of Bern
  • Olivier MOESCHLER and Valérie ROLLE, University of Lausanne
  • John WÄFLER, Soziologisches Seminar, University of Lucerne

Every member of the SSA and everyone invited by the persons in charge of this research committee may take part in its activities.


If you work in the field of the sociology of arts and culture and wish to become a member of the Foko-KUKUSO, or for all other questions, please contact



LACCUS Laboratory Capitalism, Culture and Societies
University of Lausanne

+41 79 566 70 27

Postal address:

 Office 5517, Batiment Géopolis, CH-1015 Lausanne

Dr. Olivier MOESCHLER is bilingual French-German and communicates in English.