Young Researcher Prize (SSA Prize)

Awarded at the SSA congress

Description of the prize

The Swiss Sociological Society awards a prize for the best scientific article during its congress.  The aim is to recognize the next generation of sociologists by taking into account articles published in a national or international social science journal (peer-reviewed). Submissions may be made as the sole author or as the first author in case of a collective article (see eligibility below). The excellence of a scientific article will be evaluated by considering the following elements: conceptual contribution; analytical quality; methodological innovation; societal relevance. The prize is awarded by the SSS Committee.

Deadline for submission is March 31 of the year of the conference.

Eligibility criteria

  • The candidate must be a SSA member when submitting
  • The candidate must either be a doctoral student or have obtained his or her doctoral thesis or MA no more than 6 years ago
  • The candidate must have done his or her thesis in Switzerland or work in a Swiss University, HES or a research institute in Switzerland
  • The article must have been published in the two calendar years preceding the congress (online first or paper publication)
  • If the article is collective, the candidate must be the first author and have the agreement of the co-authors.
  • In the case of a collective article with equal participation of all authors, several people can compete together
  • The article must be written in one of the national languages or in English
  • Only one article can be submitted per person
  • Both self-applications and applications sent by third parties are accepted

The prize consists of

– 1,000.- CHF

– Free participation in the congress

Composition of the jury

  • The jury is composed of three members, appointed by the SSA committee. The committee validates the decision
  • Any potential conflict of interest must be announced before the evaluation

The award ceremony takes place at the SSA Congress

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